The Moreno glacier is one of the few that continue to grow and trekking over its surface, while fraught with danger, is a humbling and exhilarating experience due to the power exuded by its crevasses and sink holes. The ice is a vivid blue colour that seems to glow from deep within, while on the surface alarming patterns, shapes and small lakes lurk. The blue ice forms when snow falls onto a glacier, squeezing out air bubbles that interfere with the passage of light, increasing the size of the ice crystals and allowing light at the red end of the visible spectrum to be differentially absorbed. Surrounded by glacial valley rock on a rolling sea of blue ice, the eyes cannot escape focussing on natural compositions of form, colour and light: a place with no centre, no specific location requiring attention, Moreno Glacier is experientially terrifying yet strangely calming.